Come be part of the family

Here at Passion we like to say that we are more than a church we are a family.  Family means that we cry together, laugh together, but most importantly grow together.  So if you are already part of the family or your wanting to find out what this family is all about, we invite you to check us out online but be sure to come experience what a church family is all about in person as well!  We would love for you to be part of the family!  

Service Times

All of our services meet at:

Teammates LLC Center

3336 Summit Street

Ravenna, Ohio. 44266

Home groups meet various locations and times throughout the week.    


Faith, Friendship, Family


We believe here at Passion Community Church that the basis of everything is our Faith!  Its what we start with and what we focus on.  We are all on a journey growing in our faith and we want to take that journey with you.  We want to grow in our faith and in our relationship with Jesus with you!  Its not about religion it's all about the relationship with Him.  He is what guides us and directs everything we do.  Join us as we encourage each other and grow together in our journey's closer to Him!  

We want to focus on our faith together we will grow, explore and become closer to our God who calls us to be closer to Him.  Join us in one of our small groups, Sunday services, or any other event.  You will see that our faith is the cornerstone of everything we do!  


We believe the moment you walk in the door you will feel like a friend.  We want to get to know you and do life with you.  We are real, no hidden agendas, no fake personalities.  We are who we are... created by our Creator!  More than ever we are living in a time when we need to be connected and have someone to lean on.  In the good times we will be there, in the bad times we will be there.  Our faith helps us find common grounds and we like to connect through those commonalities.  

Being friends inside the church is great but God calls us to reach out from the walls of the church.  You will often find us doing outreach through out the community.  Wether its food bags to families in need, or special holiday events like thanksgiving dinners, or loving on our community its our goal to become friends and share Christ with everyone we meet!  Will join us and become a friend in faith with us!  Let's do life together!  


Being friends is awesome, being family is even better.  Our faith brought us together as friends but growing in our faith together will cause us to become family.  We are a family all serving Jesus together.  If you join us as a friend it won't be long until you will become part of the family.  A family is always there, always loving and looking to support each other all the time.  Families are real, they are important and help us achieve all that God has in store for us.  Come out and see what it's like to have a family that will be for and with you through it all!