What to expect!

What should I expect when I visit Passion Community Church?

First and foremost we are not your normal church!  We are focused on growing a family in Christ!


We are a crazy, loving, relational and want nothing more than to share the love of Christ with all we meet! 

Our church is a very relational group of people.  You will find loving and friendly people waiting to greet you in one of our services!       

We are a "come as you are" church.  Please feel comfortable wearing whatever you wish when you visit us!  We welcome whatever makes you comfortable as long as you wear clothes that is! 


We play contemporary music and have a full band.  You will hear music that is often played on the local Christian radio stations.  Some of our favorites are David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Misty Edwards, Hillsong, and many more.  We love to sing (worship) God and hope you will enjoy it too! 

We are very kid friendly.  We love kids and love to worship with them.  We have a full nursery and children’s church (K -12th grade) AND we encourage all kids to be part of.  We love to worship with our kids and encourage them to worship with us before going off to their classes!  For those that can't or don't want to worship the nursery is open.    

Youth Group:
Catalyst is what we call our awesome group of 6th through 12th graders.  We encourage them to be real with each other but also believe that they should and do play a very vital part of the service.  You will often see youth members as part of the Worship team and other ministries in our church.  We want them to be involved.   

Pastor Jason loves to give messages that challenge you and hopefully encourages you to grow in your faith.  The church as a total is a very relaxed atmosphere and the messages are a great example of that! 

Our services begin at 10:30 am with music.  Between the music and the messages we have what we call "Relational time" where we encourage you to meet the others around you and to get a cup of coffee.  In total our services generally end around noon.  Just in time to make that lunch time with the new friends you just met! 

While we hope we have answered many of your questions we certainly know there may be more.  So please feel free to let us know what other questions you have by email us at Info@passioncommunitychurch.com  or at our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PassionCommunityChurch