12 days of Christmas Outreach

Covid has left a lot of traditions postponed this year.  But we at passion would like to try to spread a little cheer!  So to do so we are issuing a challenge... Called the 12 days of Outreach!  Are you game to spread a little Christmas cheer?  

12 days details:

So you want to spread a little cheer?  Here are the details of the challenge

Step 1:  For 12 days, now between Christmas, you  choose to do a personal outreach.  These outreach can be simple or complex you choose!  In order for your outreach to count you have to bless someone else outside of your family unit.  There is no sign up just complete the outreaches!  If you need some suggestions here is a list!  

  1. Pay for someones drink at Dunkin or other fast food restaurant! 
  2. Make a plate of cookies and send them to your neighbors
  3. Write letters of encouragement to someone that needs a little cheer
  4. Take food to a local food bank.  If you didn't know we have one that feeds needy kids at the Rootstown schools!  
  5. Buy a family in need a present or food
  6. Call someone to give them encouragement
  7. Pay for someones dinner at a restaurant.  Covid tip-Pick up meals count as well!  
  8. Shovel a neighbors driveway, pick up sticks or just some act to help a neighbor!  
  9. Complete a total Random act of Kindness of your choosing
  10. Put out a thank you box for the drivers delivering all those packages to your house! 
  11. Call and sing Christmas carols to someone on the phone
  12. Share the love of Christ with a friend, family member, or neighbor

Step 2:  Keep track of the outreach you have done.  We would prefer video, or images, of each outreach but just make sure to keep track and write down of the outreaches you have done.  Please don't fret about the videos or pics.  If you can get some, but the important part is blessing someone!   

Step 3:  Email your list, video and/or images to Info@passioncommunitychurch.com  

Let's not stop spreading the joy of Christmas this season just because Covid.  Let's instead learn to adapt and still spread the why we have the joy in our hearts.  After all the traditions are really nice but the true meaning of the season doesn't need traditions it just needs us spreading the love of Jesus!  So have fun and go out and be part of the 12 days of Christmas outreach!